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Cast Iron and Boxwood Dressmaker's "Skirt Marker" (LEO Design)


"Handsome and Useful" has always been my lodestar—at least when it comes to selecting gifts and other antique items to offer in my shop.  The dressmaker's "Skirt Marker," shown above, ticks both of these boxes.  A cast iron base holds the boxwood measuring stick used to achieve a level hem while marking the skirt or dress. It is patent-marked from 1940 and was probably made shortly thereafter (before America diverted much metal production to the war effort).  Perhaps you've fashioned your final couture creation?  Well, this piece of vintage sewing paraphernalia will help maintain the atmosphere of an old-time tailoring shop.  It would also be a cool gift for a fashion designer friend or graduate.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome and useful piece of vintage sewing equipment.


Cast Iron and Boxwood Dressmaker's "Skirt Marker" (LEO Design)




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