Expansion Plans

Partition Walls from Repurposed Antique Doors - Left Side (LEO Design)

When I closed my Greenwich Village shop in January of 2017 (nearly six years ago!), I never imagined opening a replacement store—least of all in Pittsburgh.  Well, I haven't.  And I do not plan to.  Not really.  Instead, I am in the process of expanding my space within the Antique Center of Strabane in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh).  For the past five years, I've rented a small showcase in this multi-dealer antique shop.  When a booth became available, I decided the time was right to "upgrade" to a bigger space.  It's been five years since I've bought larger items—furniture, mirrors, lighting—and I am looking-forward to getting back into this business.  Of course, the space will be much smaller than either of my Greenwich Village stores (about 20% of the size of those spaces).  But I am eager to recreate a small taste of the old neighborhood in this tiny, 10' x 12' foot space.

To create walls along the perimeter of my space, I have purchased antique doors from a Pittsburgh architectural salvage shop (called Construction Junction).  These heavy, solid oak doors will make handsome and durable walls—suitable for displaying merchandise.  Old, salvaged wooden moulding will make handsome trim along the tops and bottoms.

Partition Walls from Repurposed Antique Doors - Right Side (LEO Design)

These photos show you the very early stages of build-out, which will take three to four weeks to complete.  Ideally, we'll be up-and-running in time for Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned for more photos—showing progress—to come.


Though our Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed, LEO Design is still alive and well!  Please visit our on-line store where we continue to sell Handsome Gifts (www.LEOdesignNYC.com)

We also can be found in Pittsburgh's historic "Strip District" at Mahla & Co. Antiques (www.mahlaantiques.com) or in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania at The Antique Center of Strabane (www.antiquecenterofstrabane.com).

Or call to arrange to visit our Pittsburgh showroom (by private appointment only).  917-446-4248