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Edwardian English Ebonywood Hair Receiver with Sterling Silver Mounting (LEO Design)


Yesterday we shared a French ceramic "comb dish"—once used to neatly tuck-away a comb on the dresser, washstand or vanity table. Today we share an Edwardian English "hair receiver."  An object like this would be found on many an upper class woman's dressing table.  As a woman brushed-out her hair, probably before bed, and loose hair collected in her hairbrush, she would gather that hair and stuff it down into the hair receiver.  When a sufficient amount had been accumulated, she would send it to a hairdresser who would fashion it into a hairpiece.  That ornament, made of her own hair, could be worn by the woman to supplement her hairstyle.

This turned ebonywood hair receiver is topped with an engraved and monogrammed (K) sterling silver mount, hallmarked London 1901.  The top portion unscrews from the canister below to open it.  Although few contemporary people collect their fallen hair, this interesting conversation piece could also be used to hold a few pencils or a supply of paperclips (just shake and clip).  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece.


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