Winter's Chill - IX


Pilkington Royal Lancastrian English Hand-Thrown Pot with Sky Blue Glaze by Edward Thomas Radford (LEO Design)


I always feel better when it looks nice outside.  It may be frigid—too cold, even—but my mood always lifts when I can see a brightly-lit, gorgeously-blue sky.  Even in the winter, clear blue skies make my heart sing.

The English ceramic pot shown above, hand-thrown by Edward Thomas Radford for Pilkington Royal Lancastrian, is finished with a gorgeous, sky blue glaze.  And, if one looks carefully, one will see that the blue glazing displays the subtlest of ombre effects—slightly lighter at the top, slightly darker at the base—not unlike the graduations of color to be found in the actual winter sky.  You also still can see (and feel) the delicate fingermarks on the sides of the vessel, left by the potter himself, on the day the pot was formed upon its spinning wheel.  

A vase like this can be used to display a striking, minimalist floral arrangement—think three sculptural stems.  It would also look good with a full, tight mass of flowers—perhaps a dozen white gardenias.  And, even without flowers, this pot would look great on a bookshelf, windowsill or coffee table.  The enclosed top provides a clean, finished look, even when looking-down upon the piece.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome, hand-thrown vase.


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