Winter's Chill - X


Pierrefonds French Art Nouveau "Bat Wing" Two-Handled Urn with Organic, Dripping, Crystalline Glazes (LEO Design)


Let's end our parade of wintery pottery back in Pierrefonds, France—back in the shadows of the Medieval Chateau de Pierrefonds.  It was here that Art Nouveau forms were dressed in sophisticated crystalline glazes, resulting in works which are unlike anything seen before or since.

The French Art Nouveau vase, shown above, has an organic, egg-form body.  It sits on a "platform foot" and is punctuated with two peaked, "bat wing" whiplash handles.  As wonderful (and striking) as the form itself is, it's the sublime glaze that really takes this urn over the top.  Multiple colors—blues, tans, greens—drip casually over the curved body of the vessel.  Some of the glazes have crystallized in the kiln.  And, because the vase wears a palette of varied colors, it can accompany (and accent) groupings of different colors (various blues and greens) or when standing before an interestingly-colored feature wall.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome French urn.


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