The Eleventh Hour Scramble

Benji's Hoping He Might be Taken on Vacation (LEO Design)


Benji—shop dog extraordinaire and beloved friend—is good at reading the writing on the wall.  He quickly senses when "something's up."  When he sees me packing my lunch for work or sees us gathering items for a short excursion, he will post himself near the door—unwilling to be left out of the action.  And when we really start packing (like suitcases), his anxiety begins to rise.  (For this reason, I keep the suitcases stashed in the attic until the last possible hour.)

Well, tonight was the night.  We leave tomorrow to visit my family in Hawaii—and the suitcases were now required downstairs.  Alas, he can't accompany us to Hawaii.  He'll be staying with friends who have a dog of their own.  I know he'll settle-in just fine.  In the past he's been reluctant to leave with us when we've returned to pick him up.

Shown here, Benji planting himself in the middle of the action—not wanting to miss the bus.


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