Bright Monday


Stangl Art Deco Urn-Form Vase with Scrolling Acanthus Leaf Handles in Rich Yellow Glaze (LEO Design)


The day after Easter—called "Easter Monday" or "Bright Monday"—is a national holiday in many Western countries (though not in the United States). Banks and government offices are closed and families relax together or participate in customary activities specific to their locale.  Many of these celebrations involve eating special foods, often out-of-doors.  Italians and Spaniards picnic in the countryside or barbecue outside.  Coptic Christians in Egypt eat fermented mullet (also outdoors!).  Sporting activities are popular elsewhere.  In Australia, horseraces and rugby games predominate. Germans play egg-rolling games (Catholics joining-in after Mass).  And some Austrians organize walks called Emmausgang—recreating the walk of the disciples along the Road to Emmaus (on which two of the disciples recognized the resurrected Jesus when he appeared to them).  South Africans celebrate "Family Day" and the Irish observe a Day of Remembrance for those killed in the Easter Rising (for independence from England) which began on Easter Monday of 1916.

In the Orthodox Christian and Byzantine Rite denominations, Easter Monday is called "Bright Monday" and congregations observe special services during the Octave of Easter (the eight days, Easter Sunday to the following Sunday).

The Art Deco vase, shown above, wears a rich, yellow glaze.  It was made by Stangl (in Flemington, New Jersey) in the 1930's.  The classic "urn-form" vase is topped with two, drooping acanthus leaf handles.  And the glaze is certainly bright (though not at all tawdry).  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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