Greatest. Artist. Ever.

Bronze-Clad Bookends after Michelangelo's Night & Day Sculpture (LEO Design)

The World is full of wonderful art—of varying (and disparate) eras, materials and aesthetics.  How can one possibly identify an all time favorite artist—especially if he loves so much art?  Well, for me it's easy.  My all-time favorite artist jumps right out: Michelangelo Buonarotti of Renaissance Florence.  He was a true Artistic Genius.

Michelangelo lived in a place and era of artistic upheaval, dominated by artistic titans.  And Michelangelo was the best!  He painted (the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel), he sculpted (David, for starters) and he designed landmarks (like the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica).  Popes and princes sought Michelangelo's labors—perhaps realizing that his divine artistry may provide them with a bit of earthly eternity.

The bronze-clad bookends, shown above, are modeled after Michelangelo's sculptures "Night & Day."  Sculpted (1526-1531) as part of the tomb of Giuliano de Medici (in the Medici Chapel, Florence), they are draped languorously over the classical stone casket of the Duke.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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