Arts & Crafts—Refreshened

Studio Vase with Sapphire Blue Crystalline Glaze by Wendelin Stahl (LEO Design)

My heart belongs to the Arts & Crafts period—which starts in the late Nineteenth Century and ends with (or shortly after) World War One.  That said, I do appreciate certain Modernist pieces, especially when they "lean back" (not forward) and exhibit a high degree of handwork, craftsmanship or organic spontaneity. I also think that traditional Arts & Crafts interiors can be wisely-punctuated with a few sensational, well-chosen Modernist pieces (as long as they stay true to the principles of beauty, nature and craftsmanship).  The piece above is a good example.  Made in the 1950's by Wendelin Stahl, its somewhat severe bottle form is softened with blooms of sapphire crystals which burst forth, seemingly randomly.  Stahl had a rather small studio in the old castle, Burg Coraidelstein.  And his production process was highly labor intensive—requiring the hand throwing, glazing and finishing of each unique piece.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this compelling piece.


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