Welcome, October

Roseville Ceramic "Navajo-Style" Pot with Aqua Tourmaline Glazing (LEO Design)

At one time, back in the Ancient Roman Period, October was the eighth month of the year.  This is readily apparent because the prefix "Octo-" refers to the number eight.  At the time, the year had only 10 months.  September was seventh, November was ninth and December was tenth.  Then, around 713 BC,  January and February were added to the calendar, in an attempt to lengthen the year—to better represent the actual length of time required for the earth to encircle the Sun.  (This "elongated year" at 354 days, was still incorrect. It takes 365.2422 days for the Sun to complete its Solar circuit.  This is why nearly every fourth year is designated a "Leap Year.")

Those born in October—mostly Libras and a few Scorpios—have the choice of two birthstones for their birthday month: the tourmaline and the opal.  Originally, tourmalines were mined in Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) and shipped to Europe by the Dutch East India Company (in the 1600's) where they were soon coveted.  They were, at the time, a highly exotic luxury.  In the following centuries, they have been found and mined in Brazil, Africa, Afghanistan and the United State—after which point tourmalines became more common and, subsequently, less expensive.  The stones come in a variety of colors and some of them are magnetic, due to the high level of iron in the structure.

The ceramic art pottery pot, shown above, was made by Roseville in the 1930's.  Its shape is inspired by a Native American, specifically Navajo, ceramics form.  Then dappled "turquoise" glazing—which Roseville calls "Tourmaline"—adds to the Southwestern sensibility.  And a tiny little touch of Art Deco embellishment around the neck, imprints as though from a stylus, bring the piece into the Thirties.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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