March, On!

Stangl Art Deco Classical Urn-Form Vase with Foliate Handles (LEO Design)


"When, all at once, I saw a crowd . . . a host of golden daffodils!"

- William Wordsworth, 1804


Welcome, March, and your flower, the glorious Daffodil.  

Is there any flower more hopeful, more optimistic, than the daffodil?  It emerges during the chilly bleakness of winter—a sunny, bright, resilient reminder of beautiful days to come. Quite often, it is the only spot of color in an otherwise grey landscape.  And what a color it is!

The Stangl Art Deco vase, shown above, is dressed in a saturated daffodil yellow glaze.  The vase's form is inspired by a Classical Greek or Roman urn, embellished with a pair of foliate handles—which honor both the ancient aesthetic and the modernism of the Art Deco.  And the rich yellow color practically vibrates with sunny optimism.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome vase.


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