Easy Green

Zanesville (Norwalk) Two-Handled Classic Vase with Semi-Matte Green Glazing (LEO Design)

When I first opened my store in 1995—and before I even knew what the Arts & Crafts movement was—I knew I really liked these rich green ceramics.  Most were vases, others were bowls or jardinieres—but it was a strong collection and I loved it. As the months passed, I would sell a few pieces, buy a few pieces and try to keep the collection going.  In time, however, it became too difficult (and expensive) to add new pieces.  In more time, my collection waned (except for the handful of pieces I had at home!). Well, I've renewed my efforts to build-back my collection of green ceramics—like the piece here, finished with a semi-matte green glaze.  Because they are early (mostly from the 1910's), they have a rustic sensibility, with all the flaws and idiosyncrasies of a handmade product.  And their green glazing is very easy to work into a room—especially a room with natural wood finishes. Click on the photo above to learn more about it (and to see more handsome green pieces).


LEO Design's Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed.  While we contemplate our next shop location, please visit our on-line store which continues to operate  (www.LEOdesignNYC.com).

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