Peterborough Cathedral

Cast Iron Bookends of Peterborough Cathedral (England)

Some 85 miles north of London stands Peterborough Cathedral, one of the great churches of Britain.  Principally built between 1118 and 1237, this English Gothic masterpiece stands on the site of an earlier church, founded in 655. Saints Peter, Paul and Andrew look down from the three central gables, appropriate as the cathedral's official name is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew. The church was originally a Catholic house of worship. When Henry VIII "dissolved the monasteries"—thus stripping the churches of their precious objects and banning Catholic worship—it was converted to an Anglican cathedral. But Henry's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, had already been buried in the church—and remains there to this day. Later, the Scottish Queen (and challenger for the English crown), Mary Queen of Scots, was also buried here after her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, had her beheaded. When Mary's son became King James I of England and Scotland, he had her remains moved to Westminster Abbey in London.

This pair of bookends, made of crisply-cast iron and finished with an aged brass patina, are dated 1928. Learn more about them by clicking on the photo above.


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