Transition to Summer


English Royal Doulton Arts & Crafts Vase Hand-Decorated by Florrie Jones (LEO Design)


Summer begins today at 5:14 am (Eastern Time).  It's the Summer Solstice—and the longest period of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.  Technically speaking, the Earth's Northern Pole is most-tipped toward the Sun, which accounts for the long period of sunshine (in the North).  Tomorrow, the Earth will have begun slowly "tipping-back," as Summer progresses and we move (unhurriedly) toward the Autumn and Winter to follow.  Of course, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing the opposite pull of the seasons; today will be their first day of Winter (and their shortest day of sunlight).

Just in time for summer: soft and restful blues and greens.  This English Arts & Crafts vase, date marked between 1902 and 1922, was hand-decorated (and signed) by Florrie Jones, a long-time ceramics artist at the Royal Doulton pottery works.  Mottled ocean blue and mossy green are separated by a band of orderly, tube-lined arches (all hand-painted).  Though firmly within the Arts & Crafts time period, the piece does foreshadow the crisp angularity of the Art Deco movement (which was yet to arrive).  This piece might be considered "transitional," that is, expressing certain traits of two prominent, successive schools of design—and marking the interregnum during which one movement melded into another.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome vase.


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