Time & Tide

Brass Minute Glasses and Desk Accessories at LEO Design

Time and Tide wait for no man.  And the economic laws which lay-heavy on small shops (like mine) never lighten for a minute.  Like with gravity, one can fight the inevitable (for a while) but, sooner or later, Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” will knock you off the table. Tomorrow is our day.  It’s been a pleasure knowing you and an honor to serve you.  We hope we’ve been a credit to the neighborhood.


LEO Design will be closing its doors on 31 January.  Please visit the store (or website) where all remaining merchandise is on-sale.

Our on-line shop will continue on!  Please visit www.LEOdesignNYC.com.

See new merchandise first!  Follow us on Instagram: “leodesignhandsomegifts”