Three Days in Oz - Part I

Approaching Oz: Next Stop, New York City (LEO Design)


It never gets old...

Heading to New York City—my once and forever hometown—and, suddenly, The Reveal. There it is!  Like the Land of Oz, just beyond the poppy field!  Gleaming.  Beckoning. Calling my name!

My husband and I are spending three nights in the City.  Today's his birthday and we've planned a nice dinner with a friend.  First thing Monday morning, we see our accountant (and will drop-off those long-due tax documents!).  After that, Bob will visit several costume shops.  I have meetings with a few customers after which I'll take a Chinese lunch to a dear, aging friend.  Lots of walking.  Lots of surprise at the storefronts which have disappeared, replaced by a fresh batch of aspirants.

More New York photos tomorrow.


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