This is What I’m Talking About!

Carstens Modernist Vase with Orange, Brown and Copper Dust Glazing (LEO Design)

While some may see un-alloyed Modernism in the vase pictured above, I see strong references to the Arts & Crafts.  For starters, the utilitarian shape may have been “lifted” from some ancient utilitarian vessel, possibly unearthed in a hot and dusty archeological site. Arts & Crafts designers often exhibited references to their ancient history—literature, design and architecture.  Secondly, this shape required a good measure of human craftsmanship in its production.  The heavy, strap-like handles alone could never have been cast in a mold.  And the glazing is a triumph of organic sensibility: sunny marigold, flowing (angry) orange lava, and bands of glassy brown infused with sparkling copper dust. This is what I want in my Mid-Century Modern pieces.  Please come into the shop to see it in-person or click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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