The Year of the Monkey – part I

Year of the Monkey New Year's Card by Daniel Joseph Durkin (LEO Design)

Gong Hay Fat Choy!  And a Happy Lunar New Year to all!  2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey.  People born under this sign are ambitious and adventurous, though they can also be irritable.  Generally speaking, “Monkeys” are intelligent & witty, fast learners, crafty, have magnetic personalities and are usually healthy because they are so active.  But this cleverness can sometimes lead to mischievousness—like a curiosity which leads to trouble or practical jokes which go to far. And Monkeys are easily bored which sometimes makes them loathe to settle-down.  Monkeys excel in fields which require intelligence and creativity like science, engineering, accounting and banking.

The card above, crafted by illustrator (and former LEO Design employee) Daniel Joseph Durkin, is now in-store for your inspection and purchase.  Send one now to celebrate the New Year—or anytime during 2016.

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