The Wearin' of the Green


Art Deco Sterling Silver Cufflinks with Machine-Turned Guilloché and Spring Green Enameling (LEO Design)



Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

As famous—and popular—as Saint Patrick is, his life is heavily shrouded in mystery.  He is believed to have lived in the Fifth Century (possibly, some sources say, the Fourth Century) and was born in Roman-occupied Ravenglass (along the Western coast of Central England). According to his autobiographical Confessio, he was enslaved at the age of sixteen and taken to Ireland where he worked six years as an animal herder.  After escaping, he undertook a difficult and dangerous journey, finally reuniting with his family in Britain.  He later became a priest and returned to Ireland.

He always referred to himself as Patricius (his Latin name).  In Ireland, he was called Pátraic (Old Irish), later Pádraig (Irish).  This is why the proper name for his feast day is St. Paddy's Day (never St. Patty's).

As a missionary, he is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland—and was very successful at incorporating Christian teaching into the existing pagan culture and belief system.  He travelled the island, often confronted by hostile local chieftains, establishing churches and monasteries in his trail.  He also served as a Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland.  

Saint Patrick has never been officially canonized by the Church.  Instead, it seems he was "sainted" by popular acclaim (with the assumed approval of a successor bishop).  To his credit, Patrick was the first famous figure to call for the end of slavery.

The sterling silver Art Deco cufflinks, shown above, were made in the Twenties or Thirties.  They are decorated with radiant machine-turned guilloché work and bathed in a layer of spring green enamel. Click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome cufflinks.


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