The Rough Rider

Cast Iron President Theodore Roosevelt Bookends (LEO Design)

“TR”—Teddy Roosevelt—seems to be amongst the select group of politicians whom both sides admire.  Republicans remind us that he was, indeed, a Republican.  Democrats point-out that, were he alive today, he’d be a Democrat.  Roosevelt spent his Manhattan childhood as a sickly and cloistered youth who went on to lead an incomprehensibly active life and became the definition of robust masculinity.  Amongst his achievements Roosevelt was a Army Colonel in the Spanish-American War (“The Rough Riders”), Assistant Secretary of the Navy, New York City Police Commissioner, New York State Assembly Member, Governor of New York State, Vice President of the United States, and 26th American President.  He even found time to go out west and live as a cowboy for a time.

The bookends above are sculpted in heavy cast iron and were made in the 1920's.


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