The Old King of the Forest

Cast Bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex Sculpture (LEO Design)

At LEO Design we love the King of the Forest—and all things Leonine. But, long before lions ruled, there was another King: the Tyrannosaurus Rex. His name, literally translated, is “Tyrant Lizard King.” He was the apex predator, top of the food chain.  At 40 feet long, his long, heavy tail was required to balance his massive head and jaws—jaws which could exert more “bite pressure” than any other land animal (before or since).  Of course, wherever one finds a king, one will also find those who’d like to take him down—in this case, certain scientists who posit that the great T. Rex was simply a scavenger.  But with jaws that strong and haunches that massive, I think Steven Spielberg got it right—T. Rex was a fierce and fearsome fighter.  Shown above, a cast bronze sculpture depicting this First King of the jungle. 


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