The Dog Days of Summer - Part IV


Sculpted "Slouchy Puppy" Figure in Brass with Rustic Verdigris Bronze Patina (LEO Design)


We are counting-down the last of the "Dog Days of Summer"—a forty day period scheduled to end on 11 August.  To commemorate these waning days of Summer, we'd like to share some of our favorite "canines" from the LEO Design collection.  Consider sending one as a gift to your favorite dog lover.

Speaking of the Dog Days, this "Slouchy Puppy" really hits the mark.  His sculptor imbued the form—cast brass finished with a rustic verdigris patina—with a slouchy puppy's energy (or lack thereof).   He could be used to hold-up some hardbacks.  But he was made to sit on your coffee table, bookshelf or nightstand—relaxed, attentive and always ready to join you on the next adventure.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.

More Dog Day items to come, tomorrow and over the following days. 


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