The Boys March In

Commemorative Plate of Boy Scouts Jamboree 1937 in Netherlands (LEO Design)

On this day in 1937, Dutch Scouting (the Padvinders or “Path Finders”) commemorated the end of the Fifth International Jamboree (bijeenkomst or “meeting”) with this Dutch-made ceramic transferware plate.  Dutch Boy Scouting was founded in 1910, followed by Girl Scouting the following year.  The Netherlands became part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1920.

In 1937, Scouts from all over the world (including 814 American Boy Scouts) gathered in the Dutch village of Vogelenzang (which means “Bird Song”). The grand jamboree included more than 28,000 Boy Scouts from 40 countries.  At the opening ceremonies (on 31 July), Amerika lead the procession of nations before the Dutch Queen who is the official patroness of the Dutch Scouts (even to this day).  To read a first-hand account in Scouting magazine Boys’ Life  from one of the American Boy Scout adult leaders, Dr. James E. West, please utilize the link at the bottom of  this page.

The commemorative plate, pictured above, was made by Petrus Regout in Maastricht, in deep in-land Netherlands.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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 Please click here for the Boys’ Life article.