The 1910’s: Design Crystalizes

Pierrefonds French Art Nouveau Buttressed Vase with Crystalline Glazing (LEO Design)

Through the ages, ceramics have played a very important part in human societies.  Ceramic objects—ranging from the highly utilitarian to the purely decorative—are amongst the most plentiful finds in archaeological sites and tell us much about its long-gone inhabitants. And museums are full of shards from which the lifestyles of ancient civilizations are deduced.

Even in the modern era, ceramics still are employed for practical or aesthetic reasons.  Take the piece of art pottery, shown above.  It was made by Pierrefonds in the 1910’s—part of the French Art Nouveau movement.  Its two handles remind one of the flying buttresses found on French Gothic architecture (like Notre Dame).  And the heavily-crystallized glaze demonstrates a true glaze-master’s skill.  This vase is one of many pieces of French Art Nouveau ceramics now in-store at LEO Design.  


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