Tailored Ornaments – part III

Norwegian Silver Art Deco Cufflinks by Aksel Holmsen with Blue & White Enameling (LEO Design)

In a sea of sapphire blue enameling floats a single, stylized blossom—which makes for a handsome pair of Art Deco cufflinks.  Crafted in the 1930’s by Norwegian master Aksel Holmsen, the sterling silver cufflinks are bordered with a beaded edge and enameled in a striking combination of crisp white and jewel tone blue.

This week we share some of our newly-acquired vintage cufflinks—”ornaments for the wrist”—which are just perfect for your Holiday gift-giving.  Please come into the shop to see our extensive range of handsome period cufflinks or click on the photo above to learn more about this particular pair.

More “Tailored Ornaments” tomorrow.


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