Southwestern Inspiration

Schlossberg West German Vase with Native American Inspiration (LEO Design)

From the first moment I laid eyes on this piece, it reminded me of a piece of Native American art pottery.  The shape is classic, not unlike an Indian ceramic vessel.  But it is the mantle of glaze-painted “feathers,” draped around the shoulder of the piece, which leads me to my conclusion.  Did North American indigenous design influence the West Germans?  Is it just coincidence? Or am I just crazy?

The piece above, made in the 1960’s or 1970’s by Schlossberg, is part of a newly-received shipment of red art pottery, now in-store.  Please come into the shop to see the full collection or peruse our on-line shop to see selected pieces.  You may also click on the photo above to learn more about (or purchase) the piece above.

More Modernist art pottery tomorrow.

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