Slay the Dragon


Bronze-Clad Bookends with Bas Relief Sculpture of Saint George Slaying the Dragon (LEO Design)


Saint George was an early Greek Christian who was born in Cappadocia (modern day Turkey) to a Roman Army soldier.  He died on 23 April 303.  Legend tells us of a fearsome dragon that demanded human sacrifices.  The people, attempting to placate the dragon, had offered-up a young maiden as his next meal.  This is when Saint George came along, slaying the dragon, saving the woman, and setting the captive people free.

But the myth of Saint George did not become popular until many centuries later.  The first known written record of the legend is from the 11th Century.  As the Crusades ramped-up, and soldiers from different countries came together in the Holy Land, the story of Saint George and the Dragon began to spread worldwide.  And the theme became popular in art and literature from the Late Middle Ages (1250 AD) through the Renaissance (1600 AD).

Ancient (Pre-Christian) mythology tells similar stories of a mounted horseman spearing a fearsome animal (dragon, alligator, boar)—from which the Saint George legend may originate.  Few believe that the romantic legend is true; nevertheless, it is an important tale of good vs. evil, light vs. darkness.  And, as a Christian fable, it conveys an important lesson of doing God's work on behalf of one's fellow mankind.

These bronze-clad bookends (made in the 1920's) show a well-sculpted bas relief Saint George making short work of the evil dragon.  Their Gothic Revival aesthetic will bring a touch of Medieval Chic to your library, sitting room or den. Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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