Six Months 'til Christmas!


Laub's Sixties Biscuit Tin with Jolly Santa Decoration (LEO Design)

Six months to go!  Is it ever too early to start preparing?  No pressure; we stand ready to help you, should you choose to make the jump.

Shown above, a cheery Christmas biscuit tin—with a jolly silk screened Santa waving from the top.  Use it for storing ornaments, Christmas stuff, precious holiday cards, sewing supplies or...cookies!  

In 1878, 17 year old German immigrant, Jacob Laub, moved to Cleveland, Ohio and became a baker's apprentice.  Before long, he was baking in his home, eventually expanding to commercial premises in 1892.  The company was incorporated in 1903 and enjoyed regular, continuous growth, eventually becoming the largest independent wholesale bakery in Ohio.  In 1974, after being acquired by a larger company, the bakery was closed. 

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