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Roseville Tourmaline Art Deco Rose Bowl (LEO Design)

I’ve been acquiring a lot of English Art Deco ceramics lately so I wanted to share something made here in the U.S.  Shown above, a piece of Roseville with the mottled blue Tourmaline glaze.  It was made in the Thirties and has a crisp, sculptural, architectural design.  This particular Art Deco shape was glazed in several other colorations, too.  For this reason, a Roseville piece is never identified by its shape alone—it is the glaze that determines the “line” to which a piece belongs.  Blank, unglazed pieces were cast in vast quantities and warehoused until they were needed.  If a particular color line sold well—and was reordered—the workshop could grab the blank forms, and glaze them to satisfy demand.  This way, the ceramics workshop was able to fulfill orders quickly while being less likely to be stuck with “stale” merchandise—storing pieces which had been glazed in an unpopular color.  



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