Shaving in Style - part I

English "Best Badger" Shave Brush Set in Ivorine Handle by D.R. Harris, London (LEO Design)

Another classic (and long carried) vendor at LEO Design is D.R. Harris from London. Founded in 1790—when barbering and medicine were nearly one and the same—D.R. Harris has been serving stylish Londoners for over two centuries. For the next few days we will show a sampling of our D.R. Harris range.

This English shave brush is made of select badger hairs which are hand-knotted and set into an Ivorine plastic brush handle. The hairs fluff-up the shaving lather, whether in a shaving bowl, cup or in the hand. And, while applying the froth, one's beard is lifted for a closer, easier shave. D.R. Harris sources its non-endangered badger hair from sustainable farms and they monitor the animal welfare practices of their suppliers. A good brush might last a man's shaving lifetime, as long as the brush is stored bristles-down (to allow drainage). Click on the photo above to learn more about this brush.

More D.R. Harris products tomorrow.


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