Secession Procession

Austrian Secessionist Brass Candelabra Pair (LEO Design)

When I first laid eyes upon these Secessionist brass candelabra, I felt a profound conviction that they had been used as altar sticks in a church—either in the early Twentieth Century or Bauhaus period.  Their simplicity, their out-stretched arms, and their tripartite design all nudged me to imagine them in a sensational (though understated) 1909 Austrian chapel.  In fact, they were purchased by an American collector in Denmark in the 1950’s and were passed (in time) to her daughter for use in her San Francisco Arts & Crafts bungalow. Whether they ever graced an altar, I’ll never know.  I do know that they embody the lean and sinuous lines—and gently radiate the energy—of the best Austrian Secessionist design. I’ve never seen a pair of them before, which increases my confidence that they are a genuine Secessionist period design.  Post-war church metalworks (in Europe and America) tended toward a heavier, bronzier, almost brutalist aesthetic (traits these candelabra do not share).

And, since we’re discussing candelabra: a pair is called “candelabra” while a single is called a “candelabrum.”


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