Scottish Agate

Scottish Bevelled Agate Pill Box (LEO Design)

The Scots love their stones.  Durable, rustic, handsome; like the Scots themselves, these stones are at once attractive and, yet, humble. Naturally adorned.  Not necessarily precious.  I never get tired of Scotland and I never get tired of collecting these Late-Nineteenth or Early Twentieth Century pill boxes.  Although they are best reserved for lighter duty—on a dresser or sitting upon a desk—I do have customers who carry them in their pockets daily, medication at-the-ready.  I have also sold a number of them to men on the verge of proposing.  Wanting to make the best possible presentation, these men have used these small boxes as extra-special ring boxes to protect their precious inducements.  Whatever you choose to safeguard in one of these Scottish agate boxes, it will feel precious, indeed.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.



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