Russian Off

Russian Handmade and Painted Ceramic Bear Cub Ornament (LEO Design)

As you read this, I will be landing at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport for a weeklong holiday. My partner, a stage designer, has designed the new Giselle for the Bolshoi Ballet, and it premiers this week.

I am not sure if I will find many appropriate (or affordable) antiques while in Russia—and I am not even certain if I am allowed to remove them from the country. I will be taking plenty of pictures, however, and I will share them with you in the coming days.  Keep checking this Journal and monitor my visit.

By the way, the Bolshoi will be broadcasting worldwide a performance of this Giselle on 26 January 2020. Click this link to find-out if this broadcast will be shown at a movie theatre near you:

This little bear ornament is sculpted, cast in ceramic, and hand-painted in Russia. He'll happily hang on your tree—or contentedly sit on your windowsill. Click on the photo above to learn more about him.

хорошая поездка!  (Bon Voyage!) 


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