Regency Revival

Regency Revival Cufflinks with White and Rose Enameling (LEO Design)

The British Georgian period—during the reigns of Kings George I, II, III and IV (and sometimes extended to William the IV)—covered the years 1714 to 1837, a broad period of formal, classical British style.  It includes the period known as The Regency (1811-1820), when George III’s mental deterioration prevented him from holding his throne—so his son (the future George IV) held the seat (in proxy) as “Prince Regent,” until his father’s death. This Georgian period can be considered the last pre-modern period in English history, for the world (industry, science, indeed society itself) was to undergo great modernization under the next monarch, Victoria.

Shown above, a pair of early Twentieth Century cufflinks with a decidedly Georgian sensibility.  The color, the formality, the “propriety” are reminiscent of a sitting room in a posh English manor house.  Though these cufflinks were (likely) never anywhere near a posh English manor house, they would bring a bit of elegant grandeur to your sleeve cuff.

These cufflinks are but one newly-acquired pair, now in-store, awaiting the Valentine’s Day “rush.”  Please come into the shop to see all of them or click on the photo above to learn more about this pair.

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