Rectory Chic

Cast Iron Bookends Quoting Saint John's Gospel and Blessed Cardinal Newman (LEO Design)

Do you ever feel like exiting the rat race?  Fleeing the city?  Joining a nice, simple, cloistered monastery? Perhaps that fleeting feeling is best contemplated during less-stressful moments. In the meantime, a touch of "Rectory Chic" might give you just enough of a momentary retreat to get you through the rest of the day.  Made in the Thirties by Bradley & Hubbard (Meriden, Connecticut, 1852-1940), these heavy, crisply-cast iron bookends quote Jesus as related in the Gospel of Saint John. John, by the way, spent a bit of time cloistered on (rather, banished to) the Greek island of Patmos—where he lived in a cave and wrote The Book of Revelation.  The bookend's mate bears a quote by Blessed John Henry Newman, the English poet and priest who converted to Roman Catholicism.  He was ordained a priest, a cardinal and has been beatified (making him one step away from canonization as a saint).  He was a prolific theological thinker and writer—and a man who challenged British anti-Catholicism. For those so-inclined, they would make a wonderful and welcome gift. Please click on the photo to learn more about them.


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