Puzzling Times!

Machined Solid Brass Interlocking Puzzle (LEO Design)

Six days to go.  Feeling puzzled?  I am.  It’s not so much a matter of not knowing who to support;  I fell-in behind my 2016 candidate eight years ago—during the tearful “Roll Call of States” at my party’s summer Convention in Denver.  I haven’t wavered or even thought twice about who I would support the next time.

What puzzles me is the degree to which the opposition has been embraced by his party.  He is the new and indelible face of an old and (historically) honorable party—a face (and character) I did not foresee becoming the lionized standard-bearer of American Conservatism.  But there he is.

Political parties select their leaders to represent the ideals and values they wish to broadcast. Which brings me back to my initial point:  I’m puzzled.

There’s good news!  You can tune it all out!  With this heavy, sculptural brass interlocking puzzle, you can spend the next six days blissfully preoccupied.  Please come into the shop to see it or call us for further information.  It may prove a happier form of puzzlement.


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