Pottery on Parade - part IV

English Arts & Crafts Vase by Pilkington Royal Lancastrian (LEO Design)

In the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, Westerners were fascinated with "The Orient." Art, architecture, fashion, jewelry and music of the time were influenced by Eastern aesthetics.  Orientalism is the (sometimes despised) practice of Western artists adopting and appropriating Asian and Middle Eastern styles, themes and motifs into their European art. Personally, I don't reject Orientalism; I rather like it.  But, rather than view it as an authentic representation of another's culture, I think of Orientalism as something wholly new and unique—the re-interpretation (and adaptation) of Eastern aesthetics through Western eyes.

The English Arts & Crafts vase, shown above, was made by Pilkington Royal Lancastrian around 1905.  It seems to have been inspired by Chinese ceramics—or, perhaps, inspired by the work of British designer Dr. Christopher Dresser (who was inspired by Chinese ceramics).  Collecting real Oriental ceramics was the expensive hobby of upper class Victorians.  Regular middle class households, on the other hand, probably couldn't afford many such pieces.  Instead, they could buy high-quality English pieces which artfully conveyed a little adapted Asian style—such as the handsome piece shown above.  Please click on the photo to learn more about it.

More handsome art pottery tomorrow.


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