Persian Blue

Boch Frères Belgian Art Deco Vase with Persian Blue Glazing (LEO Design)

The art of ceramics was mastered in various parts of the world at different times—and each culture contributed something different in the way of mastery.  The Chinese knew the secret of producing the elusive red glaze (and weren’t about to share that secret with the Europeans!).  The Dutch were known for their Defltware.  And the Persians had their glorious, turquoise blue.

The piece above—though made in Art Deco Belgium—is clearly inspired by the wonderful blue of the Persians.  The West (and not just Belgium) looked to the East—the Near East, the Middle East, the Far East—for design and aesthetic inspiration.  One such example can be found above.  Made by the Belgian ceramics workshop Boch Frères in the 1930’s, it combines a soft Art Deco silhouette with the timeless, favorite blue of the Persians.