Peacekeepers’ Day

English Arts & Crafts Trench Art Brass Shell Photo Frame (LEO Design)

On this day in 1974, nine Canadian peacekeepers were shot down and killed while flying over Syria, the largest number of Canadian peacekeepers killed while doing their important work.  Since then, 9 August has been designated “Peacekeepers’ Day” in Canada, usually observed on the closest Sunday to this date.

In an earlier time, a WWI British soldier converted a brass artillery shell into a lovely photo frame (shown above)—perhaps a souvenir of a life-changing experience, perhaps a gift to a loved one back home.  The war may be over, and the soldier may be gone, but the piece lives-on, a small testament of “swords into ploughshares.”

Thank you, dear neighbors to the North, for reminding us of the dangerous—and essential—work of those who struggle for peace.