Palm Sunday


Pilkington Royal Lancastrian Vase by William S. Mycock with Incised Palms (LEO Design)

It's Palm Sunday, one week before Easter.  Palm Sunday commemorates the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem—to great fanfare—knowing that much was to happen over the coming week.  On Holy Thursday, He celebrated the Passover with his apostles.  On Friday He was condemned, abandoned, tortured, executed and quickly laid in the tomb before sunset. Then, on Sunday morning, He rose from the dead—appearing first to His follower, Mary Magdalene, who had come to the burial site to finish preparing His body for interment.  At Christian celebrations today, congregants hold-aloft blessed palm leaves (or whatever greenery is available and affordable in their particular region).  After services, the greens are taken home and mounted in places of prominence—for example, behind a cross or holy picture.  

The vase above, dated 1932, was made by William S. Mycock for Pilkington Royal Lancastrian.  A forest of swaying palm fronds has been carved into the body of the vase before it was decorated with green and brown glazes.  It's likely that a wax-resist process was used to keep the layers of color from bleeding too much.  Such a piece can certainly be used for flowers, though I would want to keep the vase safe from harm—on a high shelf, mantelpiece or in a lighted cabinet.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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