One Last Glance Out My Window

My Centering View from my Old Manhattan Apartment (LEO Design)

For the past 23 years—which is just a touch longer than LEO Design has resided in Greenwich Village—this has been the magnificent view which greeted me out my living room window.  It never got old.  Today I gazed wistfully at the scene one last time.  Just an hour before, we had closed the sale of our Chelsea apartment (aka LEO Design’s World Headquarters).  We packed Benji (whom some of you know as our cheerful Shop Dog), a few remaining possessions and a bucket of cleaning supplies into the rented Toyota and set-out on the seven hour drive to our new home in Pittsburgh.  Luckily, it was a grey and misty morning. Leaving New York City on a glorious spring day would have been unbearable.

Although LEO Design’s Greenwich Village bricks-and-mortar store is now permanently closed, the selling website continues a brisk business.  And, in the next few months, LEO Design will improve and re-stock its site.  In fact, when I’m not lugging or unpacking boxes in our new home, I am out collecting more Handsome Gifts which will soon be shared on the website.


LEO Design's Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed.  While we contemplate our next shop location, please visit our on-line store which continues to operate  (

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