Notes From the Road – part VII

English Arts & Crafts Dresser Box with Hand-Tooled Pewter Lid (LEO Design)

I am not a purist when it comes to collecting.  I like Handsome Gifts from many periods: the Gothic Revival, Aesthetic Movement, Bauhaus, Art Deco, even (some) Modernism.  But Arts & Crafts will always be my starting point—and has been the jumping off point of my collecting for LEO Design.   When I find a nice Arts & Crafts item, my heart beats a little faster.

Shown above, a little, round wooden box.  Attached to its top is a hand-repousséd pewter rondel, decorated with a green-eyed little owl.  Perfect for holding clips, cufflinks or collar stays, this wise little owl would surely be a smart gift for a smart friend.  Please come in to the shop to see it—along with the rest of my recently-acquired finds.  Everything should be received and in-store by 20 October.


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