Notes From the Road – part VI

Collection of Vintage English Pocket Measuring Sticks (LEO Design)

In Edwardian England, white collar tradesmen—architects, interior designers, shop fitters—would travel to the job site to supervise the execution of their creations.  Such men, properly and professionally dressed, would carry a folding measuring stick in their breast pockets or bags—always ready to measure, check, amend, correct.  They would have used tools like these, shown above.  Made of boxwood in the earliest Twentieth Century, these measuring devices are finished with brass hinges and tips—assuring years of utility and style.

I’ve just acquired about a dozen of them.  Even today, they are useful and handsome.  They will bring a touch of stylish vintage seriousness to your modern-day desk top.  This collection—indeed all of my recent finds—should  be in-store and ready for your perusal by 20 October.


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