Notes From the Road – part IV

LEO Design Roadtrip Finds: Vintage Industrial Tape Dispensers

As I wend my way through New England, finding great, new items for the shop, I’ve put-together a collection of heavy, industrial tape dispensers, pictured above.  Designed and made in the Art Deco 1930’s, they are made of heavy cast iron and were usually found in factories, workshops or sales counters.  Because of their substantial weight, one could pull and cut a strip of tape with just one hand.  And, while they are undeniably practical, they are also positively handsome.

Perhaps your father has a thing for “industrial chic.” One of these tape dispensers would make a big impact on his desk at home or at the office.

Please visit the shop to see our newest acquisitions.  Everything should be in-store and ready for your inspection  on Monday 18 May.  Select items will be added to the  on-line shop (as time allows) and many will be shared on the daily Journal—please keep checking.

More from the road tomorrow.