Notes From the Road – part II

A Collection of English Art Deco Enameled Cufflinks in Greens and Black (LEO Design)

My regular clientele knows that LEO Design has an extensive collection of handsome and practical vintage cufflinks—some 800+ pairs.  Many of these are from England, mostly from the Art Deco Thirties.

I’m currently in England, on the hunt for Handsome Gifts for the Holidays.  And cufflink collectors, never fear:  I have not forgotten about you!  Shown above, two pairs of English Art Deco enameled cufflinks in shades of green.  Green cufflinks are always a strong seller, especially for people in business or commerce.  Perhaps it’s green’s association with the color of American money.

My recent acquisitions should be received, cleaned, priced and displayed in-store by 20 October.  Please come into the shop to see the full range of finds—and continue to check the LEO Design on-line shop where select items will be photographed and posted.


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