Notes from the Road – part I

Chinese Mah-Jong Game Set (LEO Design)

Today I am in London, making a last-minute push to find more Handsome Gifts for your Holiday giving.  Over the past twenty years, I have befriended many collectors of the kinds of things I love.  Interestingly, many of these relationships began when these people were customers in my shop;  today, I am more likely to buy from them!

Shown above, one such example purchased from a British collector I know:  an Edwardian-era Chinese Mah-Jong set, housed in its own clever wooden carrying box.  Made around the turn of the century (c. 1900), it was probably brought back to England by a British merchant seaman after deployment to the Far East.  The tiles are made of ox bone layered upon bamboo, engraved in a scrimshaw-like manner.  The carrying box consists of five trays to convey and protect the playing tiles and is finished with a brass handle.

Please come into the shop to see this lovely piece in-person.  It should be in-store and ready-for-purchase by 15th of December—just in time for Christmas.  Also, please do chcck-out our on-line shop to see many more lovely gift ideas for the Holidays.

More “Notes from the Road” tomorrow.

For the Holidays, LEO Design is now open from noon to 10:00 pm daily.