Notes From the Road – part I

Wilton Bird-of-Paradise Area Rug (LEO Design)

With the Holidays (mostly) behind us, I am out on-the-road, hunting for new treasures to re-stock the shop after a busy Christmas season.  Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some photos of the Handsome Gifts I’ve found on my first post-Holiday buying trip.

Shown above, a small Wilton rug made in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  Amongst the first machine-loomed rugs, they were made on machinery which used a type of early “punch card” which instructed the loom to insert certain (programmed) colors at certain moments.  The rugs, which came in a variety of sizes, were popular in theatres and hotel lobbies.  I have always loved them and have a few of the in my own home.  This pattern is called the “Bird of Paradise.”

Please come into the shop to see the new arrivals.  Everything should be received in-store and ready for inspection by New Year’s Day.  Additionally, selected items will be photographed and posted to the on-line shop as time permits.

More “Notes From the Road” tomorrow. 


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