Notes From Japan - Part Eight

Departing Japan: Osaka Kansai Airport (LEO Design)

The alarm rang all-too-soon.  3:15 am and it was time to start the push for home.  Thanks to a long connection in Tokyo, it would likely be a 29 hour journey home (door-to-door). Needless to say, there was little traffic en route to the Osaka-Kansai airport—and not much at the airport, either.  Our aircraft was ready-and-waiting. Our final gift from Japan: a heavenly (aerial) view of glorious Mount Fuji, piercing the clouds and mist.

View of Glorious Mount Fuji from the Air (LEO Design)

Mount Fuji has been inspiring artists for centuries—since ancient times.  But not until the last 100 years has anyone been able to see it from this elevated vantage point.  Am I not lucky to be able to witness its lonely grandeur (and capture the image so easily)?

My trip to Japan was brief and took a lot of energy.  But my memories will last the rest of my life. 


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