New Spring Cards – part V

English Hare Greeting Card from Arts & Crafts Tapestry by William Morris, et al. (LEO Design)

Today is Leap Day—which makes our newly-received English “Rabbit” card particularly apropos.  It shows a detail from an Arts & Crafts tapestry, now displayed in the V&A in London.  The tapestry was designed by a trio of artist-designers:  William Morris (who designed the trailing acanthus leaves), Phillip Webb (who designed the animals) and John Henry Dearle (who designed the flowers in the foreground).  William Morris supervised the weaving of the tapestry—at his workshop in Merton Abbey— executed by his three best weavers in 1887.  The tapestry measures approximately 15 feet by 4 feet and is a wonderful example of the Arts & Crafts mission to revive Medieval craft—in all its precision, craftsmanship and beauty.

Please come into the shop to see the card—and the rest of our card collection, recently received from England.


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