New European Shipment – part IV

Royal Copenhagen "Baca" Vase with Batik Design by Nils Thorsson (LEO Design)

Today we travel to Denmark, where the handsome piece above was crafted.  The glazing was created by (Swede) Nils Thorsson, one of the most prolific designers at Royal Copenhagen.  He began his career with the company at 13 years old, even before going to art school.  For many years, Thorsson served as Artistic Director for Royal Copenhagen (and its parent company, Aluminia).   While the vase is a “stock” shape (used by more than one Royal Copenhagen designer), it is embellished with a beautifully complex batik-like, multi-colored glaze. The piece was glazed in several steps—one color at a time.  Additionally, wax was painted onto the form which “resisted” the next application of glazing.  When the piece was eventually fired, the wax melted away, revealing the earlier glaze, below it.

This is one of the many pieces of European art pottery, recently-acquired by LEO Design. Please come into the shop to see it in-person or click on the photo to learn more about it.

Tomorrow: more from our recent shipments of European art pottery.


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